November 2011

The Video Links are the FUN parts eh! (25 Min. in Videos).

So go get a coffee and a drink.


SNOW STORMS ... I've been keeping track of this for 56 years and I think that the Snow Storms are getting worse eh!

            Last winter the Atlanta - Georgia airport was snowed in and closed a few times, this is not normal. Dallas - Texas almost canceled the Super Bowl, because of a Snow Storm, this is not normal. There were 300 cars stuck in snow on the 402 between Sarnia and London for 3 days, this is not normal even in Canada.

            Plus, Canada kept getting nailed with Nor'easters from Texas, dumping piles of snow from the mid U.S. States, to Newfoundland. What's a Nor'easter, we're suppose to get Albert Clippers EH!

            Personally, I'm not going anywhere from December until April, not even to Sarnia. Diane can e-mail me photos from wherever she goes.

> Snow Storm In Newfoundland (2010)  (2:45 Video)


Are you out there Diane?



OCCUPY PROTESTORSI don't understand what the Occupy People want.

Do they want the Governments to resign, and they will form a New Government? Who's their Leader?

Do they think, because none of them have a job, they will get hired by the city to clean up the Parks when they're done?

Do they just want a place to play some music and do some dope with friends?

Is it just a new Condo Complex for the homeless people in each city?

> Occupy Protesters - What do they want?  (3:28 Video) "Warning - Swearing, not bad"


There's some food over there man.



U.S. REPUBLICAN RACE … I've been following the Republican for President Race, and I'm a Canadian EH!

            I figure it costs more for the Republican Party to select a Leader than the Presidential campaign will cost. I don't get a U.S. Vote, but I will BET y'all, 25 cents Can., that none of these 3 Republicans can beat Barack in 2012.

            Herman Cain ... Sexual Harassment:   > Herman Cain AD  (2:03 Video) "Warning - Sexual Intent, not bad"

            Rick Perry ... Forgets What He Plans To Do:   > Rick Perry at Debate  (1:00 Video)

            Michelle Bachmann ... Pray Away Gays:   > Bachmann on Leno  (1:59 Video)


Bring It Republicans!



PAT MARTIN UPSET ... Did you get any rude "Tweets" from Pat Martin (Federal NDP) lately?

                        So what if the guy gets upset at Harper's majority government, it's called Politics. Politicians get elected from public opinion, not from their own opinions, and in my opinion the residence in Winnipeg (Martin's riding) should force him to resign, maybe have an "Occupy Martin's House" ... maybe I should Tweet that one EH!

            The nicest Canadian Politician, in the past 30 years, Jack Layton, is turning over in his grave. It's because of Jack Layton that the NDP even have a say in Parliament, they should be politer (like Jack was).

> PAT MARTIN "Tweets" the F-Bomb (a couple of times)   (1:54 Video)


I'm really sorry that I I've upset you Pat. ... are we off the air now ... that Martin is a ******* *******



THE EUROPEAN ECONOMY … Will Greece default, then Italy, then Portugal, then the Euro Zone?

            These countries were going broke in 1995 when they started the Euro Zone, that's why the U.K. didn't join, how long do they think that Germany and France will bail them out. The Euro Zone will probably be done next year, then China can buy up most of Europe. This will go nicely with their portfolio of owning 50% of the U.S. debt and 40% of Canada's Oil and Mining Resources.

            I'm trying to find a joke here but I can't, China is slowly taking over the world without firing a shot.

> World Economy Collapse explained   (2:45 Video)


The future NORTH AMERICAN Flag



THE U.S. ECONOMY ... Can't think of anything funny about that one either.



TV TRIALS … Which TV Trial did you like the most ... Casey Anthony - Not Guilty ... Conrad Murray - Guilty?

            The CONRAD MURRAY Killed MICHAEL JACKSON Trial was my favorite of all TV TRIALS of all time, way better than the OJ Simpson Trial. I learned that when they use Propofol to put you asleep for an operation YOU CAN DIE, just from the Propofol. I learned how drugs & medicines metabolizes in your system, through your stomach, then your liver, then your kidneys, ending up in either your bladder or your bowel, this is good stuff to know. I learned how blood concentrations relate to blain effects, from various drugs & medicines, over different lengths of time, this is good stuff to know. I think now that I could prescribe pain medication and possibly do a short operation on someone, using Propofol ... good stuff to know EH!

            I also learned that if you commit a crime, California would be a good place to do it. The California Court System (because of overcrowding) can convert your sentence into house arrest, with an ankle bracelet, or release you after 20% of time served. This means that if Conrad Murray gets 4 years, he will probably be released in about 10 months.

            I also now believe that with the right Lawyer, you can get away with killing your child (Casey Anthony), or your wife (OJ Simpson), but you will not get away with killing an American Idol (Michael Jackson), Murray should have saved his money.

> Is MICHAEL JACKSON Still Alive?   (2:05 Video)


Coming soon, another HOLLYWOOD TV TRIAL.

Did Robert Wagner KILL Natalie Wood - 30 Years Ago?


GADHAFI IS DEAD … Should the UN investigate the killing of Gadhafi as a War Crime?

            Isn't that like trying to charge the soldier that killed Hitler with Murder! They are handling the capture of Gadhafi's son a little better, they're going to have a trial (In Libya) and then shoot him in the head.

> Gadhafi Being Killed  (1:06 Video)  "Warning (18+) - Extreme Brutality"


I tell my people to Kill the WESTERN INFIDELS ... and they kill me ... I don't get it!


CHRISTMAS LIGHTS ... Does everyone have their Christmas Lights up yet?

            I put up a few more lights every year, adding to my displays both outside and inside, I even decorated the inside of my garage now. My biggest accomplishment is to turn all the lights on with one switch outside, then one switch inside. I have extension cords buried in the walls and ceilings to make it work ... just a minute ... "can anybody smell something burning?"

            But this guy in Austin Texas must really need a job, worse than TIMMY T. does. "Everything's Bigger In Texas".

> Christmas Lights in Austin Texas  (1:05 Video)


I didn't WIN the Garage Contest neither this year EH!



BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING ... Did you get out shopping today for those great deals?

            I figure Black Friday was started because the stores wanted to clear out last years IPods and other electronics so they could restock with this years model for Christmas. So don't buy something for a teenager's gift, cause by Christmas, it's not the right one.

            Canada is also trying Black Friday, what they do in the stores is shut off all of the lights so you can't see how much your paying for stuff.

> Black Friday shopping at Walmart - HOUSTON  (1:44 Video)


(Black Friday shopping at Walmart - CANADA) That will be $100. sir ... Great ... What did I buy?




Canada's GREY CUP is this Sunday

Where's the Ball?


SID the KID is back!

Where's the Puck?







New Video Release

> TIMMY T. Video - "THE FOOT"  (4:05 Video)


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> TIMMY T. Videos - The Archives



So how is DIANE doing TIMMY T.?

      Diane sat down beside me last night, as I was flipping channels.
          Diane asked me, "What's on the TV honey?"
          I said, "Dust."

One of you kids get Grandpa another Beer EH!